[makina], is an American three-piece electronic music group from New Jersey. Consisting of the Original [makina] (Cem N. Garip), booth (Chris Wilk) & B.I.M. (Tim Bonner) started their journey in 2001. The [makina] "sound" has always been a continually mutating concept, always pushing the boundaries of sound as the group evolves. While punishing the fans all over the World with their heavy breaks and influential sounds; [makina] is the power behind the sets of thousands of Audio Engineers from Japan to Alaska.


"[makina], a force that if they want to, they can take the twisted sophistication of symphonic Aphex Twin and slam it with Prodigy of schizophrenia."
-Sounds Behind The Corner

"[makina], impregnated with a noble form of contaminated chill-out: no rule is the rule." 
-Nicola Tenani


"[makina] gives EDM a new life and could even convert non-fans to the genre."
- Elizabeth Green



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